Winch with Power–and Confidence

Safety Protecting yourself and those around you is the first and foremost concern while winching. Winches that have been overloaded, set-up improperly or coupled with unreliable accessories are prone to failure. And failure could easily mean a snapped line whipping someone in the face. And that, is an expensive trip to the emergency room. Wear leather gloves, pay attention and keep one person in charge of the winch controls to avoid confusion in the operation. Roll out the hook With the remote in place, unwind a couple feet of line so that enough slack is available to disconnect the winch hook from its anchor point. Select an anchor point This is an important one! In order for your vehicle to be freed successfully, the winch must be attached to a secure anchor point in a straight line from the point where your truck is stuck.

Beginner’s Guide to Using a Winch

Battery or Tow Rig? I have a 12k winch mounted on the neck of my gooseneck trailer. I’m looking to have it wired up to a power source so when I need it all I have to do is pull the winch cable out. My plan is to put 1 deep cycle battery up on the trailer neck and run a 2 gauge power wire from the truck to the trailer as well. My thought with the power wire from the truck would be that while in transit it would charge the battery on the trailer, while the winch is being used it would rely on the battery.

Just remember that ANY modifications to the system may void the warranty.

I find that using a piece of old rubber high preasure hose works great. This will prevent the wire from rubbing bare on the inside of the grill fins which in return will prevent you buring down the JP. Is there anyone out there that has not done the above. I would like to see how many have not done this and have definate wear on the power cable. I am just curious as I know a guy who lost his JP to a fire because of this.

I was target fixated on the connection, and not the overall installation.


I’ve talked at length with a few battery manufaturers about this very topic Exide, Interstate, Orbital, and they all agree that winches should go right to the top posts. This is why all WiP cables one of the reasons, anyhow are terminated with ring lugs – and then you are able to use marine-style, military-style, or universal flat -style clamps to attach cables to the battery itself. That’s the best thing I can suggest – reterminate the OEM leads with ring lugs they should be 8AWG – the very upper limit of what can easily be done with hand tools anyhow and convert to a binding post-style battery clamps.

Attaching winch leads to side posts was very much not recommended – the side posts in batteries so equipped are generally good for A constant draw, A very intermittently, and winch loads can melt the pads right out of the case at A for a full pull, depending on winch model and load.

I’ve had a electical problem with my truck where I have a leak somewhere, or the alternator isn’t working enough.

PT Sat 6 a. How to Use a Snatch Block “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. If you have a winch or plan on getting one, putting a sturdy snatch block in your gearbox is a no-brainer. Snatch block basics The snatch block is a pulley block with a side plate that swings open. A snatch block has two primary functions in recovery winching. One is to change the direction of your winch cable when the anchor point is offset.

i want to convert 12v dc winch to 120v ac can this be done

Cut off the wiring harness supplied with the winch at the end of the double stranding and installed another male plug on that. This gives you a male to male six or seven foot hook up lead. Then installed the extra female plug in the bumper and ran 6 Ancor tinned wire covered in split loom along the frame to the battery. Installed the factory provided breaker on the battery and attached the wire to the breaker. Used same type of wire to ground other side to the truck’s frame at the bumper.

I’ve installed this arrangement on two Excursions and four Ford Pickups and it seems to work well.

This guide is recommended for average vehicle rolling loads.

Powering a 12v winch with a v house power supply–help. What would it take to power a 12v winch with a v house power supply? Frequently, I’m near v. I understand that I would need to have as short of extension cords of a large diameter as possible. The electrical leads from the winch are thick welder-type power wire. When I first got the winch, mounted in a frame to plug into a hitch receiver, I rolled it into a remote place and ran it off a battery to pull a plum tree off a house.

I have also run it off my pick-up battery for some easy-ish backleaner pulls. Last time I used the winch for a pull tree, it drew too much power and killed the chip truck engine mid-pull. I had run it off the battery in the truck with the welder wire run to the Positive battery clamp bolt with ring-tip connector. Ground is on the bumper next to the winch. The battery was “dead”, too.

It might have taken a charge after that. I might have swapped batteries. I think that the alternator maybe was on its way out at the time.

winch hook up

Originally Posted by Steel Toe I ran the internal controls like 12volt guy shows. I did change the control location in the cab though. Here is the thread where I wired up my winch. I started off using the wrong ground and everyone helped me figure out the solution and its working great since.

Most factory service manuals will give a good idea of just how much output the Stator will make, but if you have and reservations be sure to ask your local dealer.

Long Island, NY bodacious said: I have seen winches on trailer with a battery also mounted to the trailer, but I don’t think that there would be much reserve power, though. I am thinking of mounting the winch to the trailer, and getting the power wires for a “portable” winch package. The ones you can use on a front or rear receiver hitch. I have also thought about mounting the winch on a removable mount, so I could use it in my receiver hitch, if needed.

I actually have both setups mentioned here. I have my winch on a multi mount aka 2″ reciever and I mounted a 2″ box on the front of the trailer so the winch can go on the truck or the trailer. This setup has worked very well. The trailer battery is required for the braking system, and it provides plenty of power to winch dead vehicles onto the trailer. I would not power the winch through the charge and ground circuits on the trailer wiring plug.

They are not heavy enough of a wire. Typically only 10 or 12 gauge.

Winch & Hook

The sPOD System includes the relays, switches and fuses. Just attach the system to the positive and negative battery terminals. The switches are pre-wired. It is not compatible. The sPOD fits with most aftermarket sport cages that allow the sun visors to fold up. We only supply SPST.

The ones you can use on a front or rear receiver hitch.

It is often said that one can probably push your vehicle but most can’t lift it. Therefore, you need to size the winch to the rolling load – see chart. Then you should select those winch features that you find most beneficial and that allow you to load the trailer safely by yourself. Superwinch has combined the experience of manufacturing over 2 million winches with feedback from racers and collectors alike over the past 30 years. Install it properly First choose an installation site accessible to you.

Align an unobstructed path to the car that you are loading. Prevent any metal-to-metal contact with the wire rope.

Pt.1 How To Install A Winch On Your ATV/UTV At D-Ray’s Shop

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