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Its earliest record, from ad , is of Warberdus bequeathing Norwood Manor and Southall Manor to the archbishops of Canterbury. The chapelry of Norwood had functioned as a separate parish since the Middle Ages. In it became the Southall Norwood Urban District. A building survey has shown much of the building is original, dating back to the days when Southall Green was becoming a quiet rural village. Minor 19th and 20th century additions exist in some areas. It is currently used as serviced offices. It has few industries and is mainly a residential area, having remained for many years mainly agricultural whilst the rest of Southall developed industrially. Norwood Green borders, and part is inside, the London Borough of Hounslow. A tram from Hayes in the Broadway c.

THE CONFESSIONAL: Church response shows the status quo prevails

Thousands drive past on the nearby North Circular everyday not knowing there is this great building crumbling away so close by. The access is via Twyford Abbey Road where various security warning signs greet you at the entrance gates. Moving along the road you can make out the abandoned building in the distance across a stretch of overgrown lawns. I first spotted this building in and I had forgotten about it and when someone mentioned it recently I was surprised that the site hadnt been redeveloped so decided to take another look.

He fought at the Battle of Bannockburn in against Robert the Bruce.

St Ia of St Ives: The fifteenth-century church of St Ia at St Ives, Cornwall, looking across the roofs from the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden, with the opposite side of St Ives Bay visible in the background, an area that has seen notable finds of imported eastern Mediterranean pottery of the fifth to sixth centuries image: The earliest known traditions about St Ia are found in the Life of Gwinear, written in around by Anselm, who tells how St Ia—supposedly an Irish virgin of noble birth living over years or so earlier in c.

William of Worcester in the fifteenth century and John Leland in the sixteenth add further details, including the rather dubious claims that she was the sister of two other obscure Cornish saints, St Euny and St Erch, and that she landed at Pendinas , the rocky peninsula next to St Ives, where a great lord in Cornwall with the name Dinan a transparent case of a person invented out of a local place-name built her a church.

Needless to say, none of this inspires great confidence, being both late and clearly fantastical. Indeed, even the bare suggestion of an Irish origin for St Ia probably cannot be relied upon; as Nicholas Orme has emphasised, such an origin was routinely claimed in the late medieval era for Cornish saints and carries little weight. However, it is worth noting that in her case at least, this may not be the end of the matter. And on the left as one enters the gate which is known as the Golden Gate, this Emperor found a martyr’s shrine of St.

Ia, fallen in ruins, which he restored with all sumptuousness. Such were the labours accomplished by the Emperor Justinian in connection with the holy places in Byzantium On the one hand we have an obscure female saint in Cornwall named Ia about whom only very late, untrustworthy legends survive, and on the other hand we have a female St Ia who was martyred in fourth-century Persia and venerated in the eastern Mediterranean, with her shrine being next to the Golden Gate at the imperial capital and renovated with care by the Emperor Justinian himself in the sixth century.

In this light, it certainly seems permissible to wonder whether the enigmatic Cornish St Ia and the Early Byzantine St Ia might not, in fact, be one and the same, especially given that they are both female saints. So, how credible is it that a Late Antique eastern Mediterranean cult of a female St Ia might have been transferred to south-western Britain? Two sherds of fifth- to sixth-century eastern Mediterranean Phocaean Red Slip Ware with impressed crosses found at Tintagel, Cornwall image:

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December 29, by Galt 4 Comments Introduction The grain elevator seen here really stands out as unique and was in the early s a highly innovative design, the future of the Alberta grain industry. The Buffalo Sloped Bins BSB was the dawn of a bold new era, modern and efficient — it was the design that would eventually replace hundreds of outdated wooden grain elevators all over the province on the sleepy branchlines and busy mainlines.

Ultimately however, for a number of reasons, it entered into the era when the grain industry was in a state of flux with to many old grain elevators, on-going transportation issues with the railways, some construction problems with a new design, and an economic recession all played a part so that in the end only a few were built. Background on the Buffalos From the early s to the late early s, the wood grain elevator ruled the roost in Alberta and in fact all over western Canada.

Minor 19th and 20th century additions exist in some areas.

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Please also understand, though, that we cannot do any research for you or give guidance on how to trace your family tree. There are a number of professional websites that cover this, such as www. It may help Wormleys or other people who are distantly related to us to fill in gaps in their own family trees, as the further back you go in time, the more likely it becomes that we share the same ancestors. Some members and relatives of the Wormley family living in England in

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In Lewes this event not only marks the date of the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot in , but also commemorates the memory of the seventeen Protestant martyrs burnt at the stake for their faith during the Marian Persecutions. The celebrations, which controversially involve burning an effigy of Pope Paul V , who was pope during the martyrdoms, are the largest and most famous bonfire night celebrations in the country.

Lewes Farmers’ Market, one of the first in the UK, was started in the s by Common Cause Co-operative Ltd [44] and is a popular re-invention of Lewes as a market town. The Farmers’ Market takes place in pedestrianised Cliffe High Street on the first and third Saturdays of every month, with local food producers coming to sell their wares under covered market stalls.

A weekly food market in the Lewes Market Tower was established in July by Transition Town Lewes to allow traders to sell local produce. In September , Lewes launched its own currency, the Lewes Pound , in an effort to increase trade within the town.

The teenagers, when home, had a good social life for boy meets girl parties either at dances always ballroom, Waltz, Quickstep Tango, Conga etc organised by parents or more exciting kids’ own parties when the parents went out and when the party would normally deteriorate to non stop “petting” in the dark.

Sentence to be updated.. Justice Kevin Nicholson remanded them on continuing bail until June Victim was Edwards 14 yr old daughter Dawn who was found dead in her Hackham West home in August Richard Edward, 49, and Debra Edward listed above , 52, faced the Supreme Court today charged with manslaughter. It had previously been alleged they killed their daughter Dawn, 14, whose death was the subject of a long-running police investigation.

Although Dawn’s body was found in , the Edwards’ were not charged until January last year. No details have ever been given, in open court, about the circumstances surrounding Dawn’s death. Today, prosecutor Carmen Matteo substituted the manslaughter charges for one count each of criminal neglect causing death. Richard and Debra Edwards pleaded guilty to those charges.

Ms Matteo said the couple had failed to take reasonable steps to care for Dawn despite an “appreciable risk” to her health.

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They failed to persuade Fulham Football Club to adopt the ground as their home after a dispute over the rent, so Mears considered selling to the Great Western Railway Company, who wanted to use the land as a coal-dumping yard. There is an unconfirmed story regarding the incident that claims Mears was on the verge of selling, and was being persuaded by his colleague Fred Parker not to, when Mears’ scotch terrier bit Parker on the leg. Parker took the incident in good spirit so Mears, impressed by this, decided to take his colleague’s advice and found a new football club to play at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea were denied entry to the Southern League following objections from Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur, so instead, applied for admission to the Football League. Their candidacy was endorsed at the Football League AGM on May 29, , with a speech by Parker, which emphasised the new club’s financial stability and its impressive new stadium and team playing an important part.

However, the Federal Government disagreed with the Hall Commissions report, and decided that an additional 1, miles 2, km originally slotted to the PRA would be abandoned instead.

The poor people built new shacks in the outlying areas of: Poor people were getting poorer and some , poor Londoners took to crime to eke out a living, notably prostitution and pickpocketing. There was no police force and no street lighting. Gas street lighting came in in London Years Ago This was very much a time of contrasts with London as the commercial centre of the industrial revolution creating more pollution from more people burning coal arriving by sea from Newcastle and more factories creating poisonous by-products.

This was also Regency London with the King spending a fortune in an attempt to create London as one of the best cities in Europe. London also got its first by-pass road across its northern limits which are the roads now called Euston Road and City Road. Much of the land north of these roads were still green fields years ago. Because of the huge increase of national and international trade into London at this time due to the industrial revolution and the trade developed by the expanding colonies plus USA, there were two obvious changes to London to note; The huge expansion of the Docks down stream from London and The Turnpike toll roads into London.

The Docks Going down stream east from the “Tower” the closest development was Surrey Docks on the South Bank Now a well laid out housing and industrial development. In all a huge 5 miles of river dockland development. Main turnpike toll roads into London Many of these roads still followed the old Roman trunk roads built some years previously. The Romans had a habit of building roads from a point to another visible point in a straight line and hills were a convenient land mark and vantage point to enable the road to be built straight.

Three hills used for this purpose in the London area were Highgate, Hampstead and Shooters hills.

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For this to work, secrecy is essential. However, in many cases the critical content is not the confession of a paedophile but an accusation by an abused child. Here, the obvious condition is the child’s confidence that the priest will do something about it, and secrecy is unthinkable. Or ought to be.

Meanwhile the building has been left to rot with roof damage meaning that the building might end up getting demolished.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome. Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us.

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Plaistow and West Ham Where to Live in London Deciding where to live in London can be quite a headache for tenants , as there are Inner London areas to choose from as well as many more Outer London and commutable home county areas. Where to live in North London? In North London check out: Where to live in South London? In South London check out:

Indeed the average business employed about 10 people.

Peter Hansford, Elwood A pretty overwhelming message While agreeing with most of the sentiments expressed by the 37 women interviewed in the ABC series Advice to my year-old self not to let other people tell you what to believe, think or look like, and the “looking pretty, being nice somehow out-weigh smarts and character” message, just didn’t “trickle down” in my youth, it poured down, and despite disbelief, I absorbed the message against better judgment.

Pretty girls were favoured, didn’t need to worry about their characters, necessarily, and it all felt so unfair. One can’t help being pretty or not , smart or not. Any wonder we tried to look pretty? I am 81, don’t feel envious of the smart people in the top jobs, they don’t look pretty or admirable to me — the jobs, I mean, not the people.

They will need to know some history, which reveals female leaders who not only fought for the top jobs but struggled to hold them. They will also need to know that women here are privileged, compared with millions on the subcontinent, denied an education, and their dream, not just of equality, but of independence.

Advertisement Helen Scheller, Benalla Dismantle the systems One of the primary correlative factors underpinning life “in the age of alt-misogyny, where hatred of women has hardened”, is women’s non-compliance “Sexual harassment:

Sexism: The part women play in keeping up appearances

The seat has been Labour since apart from to when the Conservative’s Mary Macleod won. Mr Streeting, a year-old former head of the National Union of Students, was elected with a majority of just 1. He has hit out at Corbyn in the past and accused the Labour leader of being “flat-footed and lackadaisical” tackling claims of anti-Semitisim in the party.

But he has forces working against him too. UKIP – who won 4, votes in – is not standing so they can help the Tories beat him.

Heathrow, 15 miles west of London on the M4 operations commenced is now the premier London airport of the 6 servicing the capital others Gatwick 25 miles south on the M23, Stanstead 45 miles north east on the M11, Luton 30 miles north on the M1 and the London City Airport some 4 miles east of Tower Bridge built in an old dock land area.

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