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Of course they will vary from amp to amp, but never the less, the principles are still the same. Combinations are endless when comes to setting up your amp. You can spend hours fiddling with your settings. So I’ve decided give you a few of my settings. These settings are my winning formula and worked for me every time. They are as follows: Settings for playing clean alternate Settings for controlled distortion Settings for sharp leads You can use these settings as a basic fundamental. Adjust your amp to the settings that suits you best. Once you have the basic sound covered, then you can work on some more new settings of your own.


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And since this is the modern age, it ain’t no thang to split off the audio and put it up to stream or download, so go on ahead now.

By Rudolph on January 4, This was pressed on vinyl and mailed to the artist’s fan club members in , but otherwise there’s no independent audio I’m aware of. By Rudolph on January 1, We gave the original entry in the holiday sweepstakes by this group a fairly good review back in the day, so what have they got to offer this time around?

The other 10 songs on here are covers of familiar tunes, although two of them, “Rudolph” and “Jingle Bells” are just second stubs. This is new for , however, and I’m always wary when historical artists like him make a latter-day lunge for the Christmas market.

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On my Nighthawk I bought tweeters and a small amp that I kept in a tank bag. On my ST I bought marine grade speakers and a marine grade stereo and installed the stereo in the trunk. The ST was by far easier to do all that and run the wires without people noticing due to all the fairing plastics. The nighthawk was a pain in the but to do that with, not to mention the splices would eventually vibrate loose. If you choose the speaker route I suggest getting rumble road speakers or the speakers that someone else noted in this thread as they’re made for what you want to do, the connections don’t fall apart due to vibration, and they’re either pre-amplified speakers or they come with a super miniture amp which is really easy to connect to the bike in an unoticeable spot.

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Great post… very informative, even though sadly, lots of it is over my head. Or do you just find a distortion that seems to fit them all?? Nick Larry , on July 3, at First, if its not working in the loop of your amp, you might need an amp tech to check that out. As for the rest of your chain- you have 8 pedals in a row, and not all are true bypass, so you have some buffers affecting you sound. I also want to know what cables you have and power source you are using?

The cables are generally responsible for most of the problems you listed: I would check first with getting some great cables.

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The vox reverb and trem sound great.

Dome knobs available by request. Pickguard and pickups sold separately-see below. For an early 50’s look. Must purchase either new or aged Tele hardware kit from us to use this option. Fender brand 3 brass saddle logo bridge and Authentic Kluson tuners. We add two extra dress washers that Fender does not include with their packaged pots. The pots in this kit are full size. If you are replacing electronics in a guitar with the small “dime” pots, you will need to either ream out the holes a little in your existing control plate, or buy a Fender replacement control plate.

Drop in Tele Wiring harness-Includes: Control plate and knobs are NOT included.

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Ask Question Step Wire the Front Panel It is time to wire up the potentiometers using stranded wire. The right pin on each should all be connected together as ground. The other pins should be connected as per the wiring diagram below. I recommend using different color wire for each pin not connected to ground. For this assortment of wires, I used the wiring harness from a broken computer power supply.

Darren, on January 4, at 7:

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Over the last decade, this highly organized and vibrant jam session, held the first Thursday of every month at Martyrs’, has become rockabilly central for many of the musicians and fans of Chicago’s American roots music scene. Although the monthly jam is devoted to rockabilly, the Big “C” Jamboree has also offered the span of s and ’50s American roots music, from hillbilly boogie to western swing, jump blues and first generation rock ‘n’ roll. The night is run swiftly and simply: The Big “C” Jamboree has maintained a fairly low profile, but those who have discovered it over the last decade retain a great deal of affection for the monthly jam.

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Amplifiers The Pennalizer 35 This is a 35 watt tube guitar amplifier designed for the working musician. Light weight, portable size, simple to use and works very well with pedals. The 35 watt platform is very rich, clear and open sounding with a lively dynamic feel. Plenty of power for use in small to medium size venues and will work on larger stages by adding an extension speaker cabinet.

Recommended for rock, country, rockabilly, blues and jazz musicians. Volume, Treble and Bass controls. Optional tube driven spring reverb.

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