1960’s Vintage Guitars

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In fact, it was likely that your parents were steering you in the direction of accordion lessons. The Beatles — and of course others — stopped all that. Suddenly, electric guitars were 1 on every kids Christmas list. Companies that had been manufacturing Accordions for 20 years, retooled for electric guitars.

EKO was at the forefront, and within 2 years they were shipping over 10, electric guitars to USA per year. Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Rickenbacker… these were all too expensive for our parents to buy for us.

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The ES was introduced in Gibson hired Ted McCarty in , who became President in He led an expansion of the guitar line with new guitars such as the “Les Paul” guitar introduced in and designed by Les Paul , a popular musician in the s and also a pioneer in music technology. Later, a shorter neck was added. Similar in size to the hollow-body Thinlines, the ES family had a solid center, giving the string tone a longer sustain.

In the s, Gibson also produced the Tune-o-matic bridge system and its version of the humbucking pickup, the PAF “Patent Applied For” , first released in and still sought after for its sound. These “modernistic” guitars did not sell initially. It was only in the late s and early 70s when the two guitars were reintroduced to the market that they sold well.

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If you have a vintage Gibson J guitar for sale, please contact me at cfh provide. These guitars differ the most since the tops differ in thickness and quality. The neck material and neck reinforcement has an impact as well.

The J is identical to the J , except the top is natural instead of sunburst.

The year is about as close as your going to get. Gibson’s in the ‘s, especially early ‘s, are excellent guitars. That changed in the early ‘s when Gibson went to straight bracing. I’m probably wrong, but was under the impression that change occured after Not that the change in bracing meant a bad guitar, it’s just somewhat different than the earlier models.

As the 50’s wore on, Gibson continued to make changes, including heavier bracing, thicker tops, adjustable bridge, and so on, until by the early ‘s the J was a different guitar.

How to Determine the Age of a Gibson J-45

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Minnie Clark, known as “the original Gibson Girl”, was a model for Gibson and could portray any type of women needed for his illustration.

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